This chart shows how the family name changed over the generations. While the family was mostly in Canada for the earliest generations, the name remained fairly constant with minor combinations of Davignon and Beauregard. However, come the fifth and sixth generations when many lines were emigrating to the US, the English-speaking record keepers had a tough time with the French names. This resulted in a glut of sound-alike variations, which evolved like the child's telephone game. Eventually, with growing literacy, these variations have become the canonical versions of the name for their branches.

Davignon-Beauregard Davignon Davignon Davignon Davignon Davignon Davignon Davignon d'Avignon Davignon-Beauregard Davignon-Beauregard Beauregard Davignon-Beauregard Berger Bergor Burgor Davignon Bergor Deveneau Deveneau Davignon Deveneau Deveneau Devnew Devnew Devnew D'Avignon D'Avignon Davignon Davignon-Beauregard Davignon-Beauregard Davignon Davignon Davignon Davignon Davignon-Beauregard Davignon-Beauregard Deveneau Deveneau D'Avignon Davino Devino Devino Devins Devanse Devenoux Davignon-Beauregard Beauregard Beauregard Beauregard Bourgard Burgor Burgor Bengard Burgard Burguard Burger Burgor Burgor Burgard Burger D'Avignan D'Avignon D'Avignon d'Avignon Devino Devino Devino Devino D'Avignon Davignon Davignon Davignon Devino Devino Devignon d'Avignon Davignon-Beauregard